Utensil Rest – A great way to enhance your tablescape and reduce the risk of Covid 19

The Coronavirus has taken its toll on all of us. And once we all fully emerge from the lock down, it is possible that things will never get back to the way they were before.

As well as economic concerns, we have all learned a lot about social distancing and about avoiding the risk of infection and this has led to a heightened awareness about hygiene and safety. 

Enjoying meals together is one of those pleasures that cannot be replicated by a Zoom call. So for many of us , this is one of the principle activities that we are looking forward to enjoying once we all get back to “normal”.

If you are planning family meals and convivial dinners with friends, fine food with fine wine and everything that goes with it, you are not alone. Many of us have missed out on significant celebrations already this year such as birthdays and anniversaries and we can’t wait to get in the kitchen and get out the best china and glasses.

However we will still need to be careful. The Coronavirus is unlikely to go away completely any time soon so we will need to be more vigilant regarding the risks of re introducing it back into society. This is one reason why utensil rest are such a fantastic idea.

A beautiful custom made utensil rest for each guest not only enhances the tablescape, it makes the whole experience safer and more hygienic. Your table may look clean but it can harbor germs and bacteria that are invisible to the naked eye, but as with the Coronavirus, can be dangerous to health.

Placing utensil holders by each placing ensures that the knives forks and spoons do not come in contact with the table surface. Whether you celebrate with traditional American or European food or prefer Asian dining such as sushi, you can find a wide range of utensil rest to suit all types of cuisine and style.

There is little in life that is more satisfying than pulling out all the stops for your guests and turning an event into an occasion. And as we all know, creating a wonderful tablescape is the perfect setting for the perfect occasion.

Utensil Rest do enhance the look of any tablescape but as well as the aesthetic appeal they provide a practical function in that they keep your table cleaner and protect your guests from the risk of potential contamination.

One thing is sure; we are certainly going to be prioritizing our safety and hygiene as we move into the post Covid era. And with Utensil Rest you can make a real difference without compromising on style!