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Utensil Rest® |Silverware Holder|(Walnut Color) Eight Units (Sushi Version)|

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Product Description:

The Utensil Rest™ are handcrafted products made in the USA, they come in a sleek Walnut color that will fit right in with any table decor.

They can hold not just one, but four utensil at the same time - a spoon, fork, knife and chopsticks. It's incredibly useful for keeping your dining area clean, organized and elegant while you are sharing dinner with friends and family. 

- 8 Utensil Rest (1 set)

- Each Utensil Rest hold up to 4 utensil (spoon, fork, knife and chopsticks)

- Color (Walnut Wood)

- Handmade

- Free shipping on domestic orders

Made in the USA 

Durable Materials: The Utensil Rest are made out of 100% walnut wood.

Easy to clean: To clean them, just wash them in the sink, a bit of soap, rinse, and voila!. Since they are made out of wood they are not dishwasher safe.